Posted on 21/03

Gig Write up: Bastedo @ Numide

On Friday 14th of March, we played at Numide in Crystal Palace for the first time.

We do many great gigs, but this one was a little bit special.

Numide is an intimate venue in Crystal Palace, South London.

Firstly, it was an opportunity to player a longer set than normal. Usually we do around 30-45 minutes. For this gig we we were required to play for an hour, which was no problem. we have plenty of material and also a growing catalogue of covers which we regularly perform. The fact of the matter was…we ended up playing for an hour and a half, as the audience kept requesting that we do more and more. We were all having a blast! They didn’t care..with music…accapella. Just keep singing. And we did. Eventually, we had to call it a day as our brains had gone blank. So we decided to quit while we were ahead with the promise that we would be back :)

Its always nice to get endorsements from fellow musicians, and there were a good few of them in Numide that night…and they showed us an awful lot of love. It was really special. The crowd were really enthusiastic, joining into numbers that they knew…and even some which they didn’t :) The crowd was awesome. They gave us so much energy and love. We won’t forget it in a hurry.

Special mentions to Joel Bullen: Joel Bullen’s YouTube, Guitarist extraordinaire and ‘The Man with the Plan’, who got us down to Numide in the first place. Big shout to Kofi Allen Kofi Allen’s Website, ‘The Man with The Cam’ who got some great shots of the night despite the low lights and tight manoeuvring. Cheers mi Dear. Also massive shout outs to all who gave us support, encouraged us, sang at the top of their lungs, and came over to talk to us about our music. Also big hugs to no.1 fan Trev. Numide on 14th March is what is this is all about…so thank you all. Bastedo xx


Bastedo: @itsbastedo
Alex: @s0ngb1rd
Sophia: @Moffstar123
Celia: @Celiouche
Kofi Allen: @KofiAllen
Joel Bullen: @joelseph36

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