By day we masquerade as the ordinary folk, living quiet suburban lives. But each of us has gift. A secret SP (special power) that can either combat tyrannies or soothe souls.

Alex Watson: Lead Vocalist (sp – CEO, Songbird, WarriorQueen, Sound Prophet & Songwriter)

Celia: Vocalist (sp – kills with kindness )

Sophia: Vocalist (sp – ‘Muscle’…….strong but sweet)

We have access to the well of abundance. We can heal you of your many afflictions. We can restore your soul. Our mission: to use our powers for good. Come draw from our well. It’s blessings will pour upon you.

Peace be unto you.



A restless path beside a shaky precipice. A work of art hid clean away. All of our yesterday’s spent, and no more to gain…….so, do we live our lives in vain?”

When Alex (Alex Watson) sings, we at once experience her vulnerability and her strength. She seeks inspiration in the everyday, and strives to emulate the integrity that can be found in a plethora of musicians and singers past and present.

When she sings her brand of ‘Suburban Blues,’ Alex is creating her own identity and carving a place alongside her contemporaries. Born in London, Alex has enjoyed singing from an early age and has been singing on and off professionally since her mid-teens.

She has done the rounds about London’s popular music scene performing both as session vocalist, recording artist and with DJ’s in the club scene working across a broad spectrum of contemporary musical genres, driven by her love and passion for music.

Alex is an attractive, fiery spirit that seeks the balance between euphony and harmony, and rhythm and soul. Her own life experiences have provided her with a kaleidoscope of opinions and views that range from personal concerns about the nature of love in relationships, political affairs, social consciousness, struggle and issues of fairness and justice in human relationships.

These perspectives fuel her artistic self-expression.


Celia has been a music lover since her first days. Her father used to listen to every kind of music: from classical to pop music. Celia has been immersed very early in a musical world.

She studied music at the music school, started to learn spanish guitar, and keys, sang in choir. Later she continued to play the guitar and sing for herself. She listened to a lot of 60’s-70’s music, influenced by the nostalgy of her father for this period.

Until she met her future partner Vinz the guitarist. He gave her a chance to express her musical side through the singing. She took a real pleasure and enjoyed a lot being the lead singer. Both regularly rehearsed with the band in Paris and performed live a few times.

She then decided to move to London, hoping to make more from music. She joined a first band, called Yomundo. She took part to this very dynamic 10 piece band as backing vocalist. Yomundo made quite a few gigs in London (93 feet east among others), they produced an EP, were signed by Tape Records (a brand new label in London) and they participated to the vibrant Festival the ‘Secret Garden Party’.

She learnt a lot from this intense musical experience, from a business point of view and also from the performance side, as she never sang hip-hop songs before… She then went to work with Alex Watson. Alex first started to practice with Vinz, doing open mic nights.

Alex gave her several opportunities to join them on stage. Celia did knew all the songs already and could sometimes improvise some backing when Alex and Vinz were practicing at home. A couple of years later Bastedo was born.

Celia with her soothing tones, is one of the backing vocalists alongside the very talented and strong voice of Sophia.


Strong in mind, body, and ‘soul’, Sophia is a vocalist with passion, who delivers an array of warm and exciting tones. Inspired by some of her favourite and original soul divas like Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Betty Wright, Anita Baker and alike, Sophia has developed her own sound which has led to her musical experiences to span over 20 years, including an album release as a solo artist.

She has varied background consisting of studio recordings, live solo performances, group performances, supporting other artists and live radio. Her vocals have reached the R’n’B, Soul, Dance and Garage scenes, but Sophia puts no limits on her ability to reach out to other genres. Her tastes vary.

Great music, is great music and she will sing it. Now, her time is in exploring the fantastic sounds of ‘Suburban Blues’ with Bastedo…

Sophia forms one quarter of Bastedo as backing vocalist, alongside Celia, (also backing vocals), Vinz (on guitar) and headlined by her life-long friend Alex, singer/songwriter and founder of the band. Having recently formed (Feb 2010), the acoustic sound of Bastedo is a perfect match for Sophia. She enjoys the ‘live’ scene of regular gigs, enhancing the Bastedo vibe with her soulful highs and lows. Ooh-aah!

Watch this space for Bastedo…their time is now!

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