Posted on 27/04

Bastedo launch new website and EP

Welcome to Batsedo’s website. It’s been a fantastic journey so far for Bastedo.  We formed just over a year ago, each bringing our respective passion for music. We have always maintained that for us music comes first, and although we have ambitions and goals….first and foremost, this is about music for all of us. Wonderful, beautiful music! It has brought us together, and brought each member of the band alot of joy over the last year. The launching of our website and EP, are a culmination and showcase of what we have managed to achieve. Of course, our individual musical legacies extend beyond a year. Hopefully, as time goes by, you can learn more about us, and you can make this journey with us.

This in not Bastedo’s first blog. We have a few enteries at but will be using this site from now on. 

Alex and Sophia from Batsedo will be on the radio tomorrow night @10pm on Radio RJR. You can also listen online at

Peace. x

Tell the world!
Posted on 16/04

Welcome to Bastedo.

Tell the world!
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