Posted on 10/11

Update – New Bastedo Line Up

Special Thanks to Alex Moore for writing this post…

 Bastedo performing Underground @ The Brook, Wallington Surrey.

So what have Bastedo been up to over the last few months???

It might appear that the girls have been keeping quiet but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Some changes have been taking place behind the scenes. The first of these has been expanding the band from a 4 piece acoustic group to a 7 piece (so far) band adding Ed Dampier on Guitars, Matt Bethel on Keyboards, Aaron Thompson on Drums and Percussion and Alex Moore on Electric and Upright Bass.

With these guys on board the next step has been reworking and reimagining the Bastedo songs as a 7 piece band for the upcoming shows and festivals in 2015 as well as the next Bastedo recording.

As the band have started to gel they have taken every opportunity that they can to work together in other projects as well forging even stronger bonds and tighter links.

This has included Alex Watson singing with a Big Band alongside Alex and Aaron, Alex Moore has been working on a couple of musicals with Ed and Sophia and Alex W have fronted a Disco band backed by Matt and Aaron. Everybody working together all of the time.

And let’s not forget that Celia has recently got married as well!!!

On the 11th Oct, Alex, Sophia, Celia, Ed and Alex performed at The Brook in Wallington. It was Ed’s first time outside of the rehearsal room…and he did an outstanding Job. It was an intimate setting. Luckily, no one was trying to swing any cats so it was all good. Here’s a clip of the guys performing Underground…Bastedo’s version of Van Morrison’s Moondance. Great audience. Insisted on an encore….that’s always a nice feeling.

So keep your eyes open for 2015, because it really will be something special!


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