Posted on 3/02

Update – So what are Bastedo up to right now???

In the immortal words of Bastedo songstress Alex Watson, “MAN ALIVE”!!!

Since adding drummer and producer, Aaron Thompson, at the end of last year, the Bastedo sound has taken yet another dramatic leap forward.

Having stripped and rebuilt a selection of the back catalogue of songs at Alex M’s studio, the band are now settling into Aaron’s studio, Pana Studios, as they demo the new arrangements of the Bastedo songs.

Starting with five songs, the band are going to finalise structures and grooves in the studio and put together the songs that you will all get to here very soon – when Bastedo hit the road later this year.

It’s gonna be quite a ride, we look forward to seeing you on it!!!

Keep coming back to the blog though, as we introduce the new members in a bit more detail.

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