Posted on 2/10

Bastedo Video Update – Better Luck Next Time

A Bit of Background

Hi…Alex here. Phew. Its been over a month since we shot the video for Better Luck Next Time. Finally getting round to writing a post about out experiences. We did tweet and do some instagram stuff on the day, but there’s so much more that goes on than social media updates often reflect. Firstly, We’d like to thank Darren Brade and Mr. Gorgeous for their  stellar efforts. We first spoke about doing a video several months ago. We’d discussed it in the past as a ‘would be nice to have’…’should have really’. It’s quite important these days. However, constraints meant that it’s not something we were able to do in the way we’d liked. So it was something we’ve always had an eye on. We also hope this will be the first of many. Several months ago, Darren asked us what we were doing video-wise…and if we’d like to shoot a video for one of our songs. It would be his first video, but an area he’s keen to expand upon. We met Darren a couple of years ago at one of our gigs, and have remained in contact ever since.

So What Next?

Firstly we brainstormed ideas for what the video should be about. I must say…this was more difficult than I thought it would be. Eventually between us…we managed to come up with something we all agreed upon. However, even a simple storyboard can start to create dynamics in production requirements that complicate the issue. In the end…we decided the best thing to do on this occasion was to go for simple. We did reconnaissance to try and find suitable locations. Luckily I don’t live too far from lots of green space. So we went back to the drawing board and decided a simple piece to camera shot in a nice location would suffice. As long as the production values were fairly high.

The Shoot

Mr Gorgeous did the make-up for the shoot once again. He’s a pleasure to work with. On day one, we started later than planned, mainly because of the weather. The forecast had said there would be rain, and this made a difference to where we might shoot…or indeed, if we would go ahead at all. Once the day got started, the outlook wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be, so we decided to go ahead.  However, by the time everyone had converged at my place, time wasn’t on our side. We still had to do make up etc. Unfortunately we didn’t have a stylist or hair…but we tried to make the most of what we did have. Once we were dressed and ready…we went to our first location. A local park…under a rarely used pavilion. I must admit…this was out of my comfort zone. I suppose I didn’t personally feel on top form, and this affects confidence etc. Anyway…we sung along to the track using a portable iPhone player. Darren shot the video with a Canon 5d Mk 2 and a couple of lenses. Then he used an android tablets as a video monitor.  It was a lot of fun. Day 2 Next day we went to another local public space. We wore some different outfits and had some different style make-up. It was nice being outdoors and close to nature with the gang for the 2 days. We all have day jobs, so it always makes a nice change to do something a little out of the ordinary. It was a really enjoyable experience. We learned a heck of a lot from doing it…which we can use to benefit our future productions. Video…coming soon.





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